Happy Colonic User


Going through self evaluation and knew that my belly wasn’t fat. With the New Year here I said I am not taking this belly through another year.  I researched and found COLONICS La Paz Spa located close to my home, read the yelp reviews and it said CALL so I did.    I’ve had years of constipation, belly pain, bladder infections, pain with sex and over all lethargic.  I have used western medicine, dietary changes, exercise, weight watchers but still had the tightness up high under my diaphragm.  Continued through my adult hood being lost and miserable with the bathroom life. Now finally I am getting results and help to understand the importance to clean the colon and small intestine, even massaging helps.  The process of elimination with a little tube in my butt to wash out the unbelievable amount of stuff. I feel like I am on the road to getting my digestion to work with my choice to do Colonics. I lost weight and bloating, sleep better, feel happier.  I will use this as part of my anti aging lifestyle.

LOVE COLONICS with Debbie Drew at La Paz Spa. Cyn Laguna Hills