What is a colonic? — It’s a natural way to cleanse the colon with a gentle infusion of warm, sterile water that washes out excess waste (gas, bacteria’s, parasites and hard large fecal waste poop) build-up and clears the way for a healthier colon and easier bowel movements makes a happier person… lightens the load. Colonics work livelighter247

Is it embarrassing? — Kinda. Our goal is to help make you as comfortable as possible. Many have found it to be a good relieving, eye-opening experience. You are covered at all times during the session. Modesty is our policy.

How does it work? — A small cleansing nozzle is gently and easily inserted into the rectum in privacy. The cleansing nozzle is the size of a pencil and is disposed of after a single use. During the session, you are able to control the temperature and flow of the water inside you. You release where you are laying and can see all of your elimination through a 2-inch, clear viewing tube. You’ll be amazed at how much gets eliminated and how much better you feel in just one hour.

At La Paz Spa, we provide a safe and effective method of colon cleansing with colonics. Using only FDA approved equipment, sterile disposable tubes and under the direct supervision of a certified Colon Hydrotherapist, this procedure will aid in eliminating toxins and waste, while providing hydration plus a multitude of changes to your health and well-being.


Colonics Work!

See below how one client went from looking pregnant (with a “Poop Baby”) and feeling like sh#t, to slimmer and happy after she’s relieved of all that’s been building up in her gut with just one colonic session.