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    To book an appointment call - Laguna Hills (949) 228-1654, Seal Beach (562) 596-7667, or email -

La Paz Spa Total Body Detox treatments:

  • Colon Hydrotherapy $77
  • The session takes about 45 minutes. Colonics are a safe and effective way of removing old waste and undigested food from the large intestine without chemicals or drugs.

  • A colonic consists of a gentle infusion of warm sterile water into the
    rectum through a pencil size rectal tube using a FDA approved Open System Libbe machine. During the session you control the temperature and the amount of water that flows inside. You release where you are laying and see all elimination through a 2 inch view tube.
  • Colonics assist individuals with complaints of chronic constipation, IBS, PMS, migraines,insomnia, gas and bloating. The gentle waterremoves harmful toxins, parasites, mucus, stagnate fecal matter and bacteria.

    Infared Suana Therapy: Our infared sauna is a great way to relieve tension, stress, and provide complete relaxation. The infrared sauna enhances the body's natural process of detoxification which is foundational for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

    20 minutes: $15
    30 minutes: $25
    45 minutes: $40
    60 minutes: $50


  • MassageTherapy $65: Our massage specialists will melt your stress, improve circulation and ease muscular tension in just one hour.Deep Tissue & Stretching additional $15.00)
  • Physical Training $75: Work out with our physical trainer to rebuild the body and aid in the elimination of toxins. Experience low impact training and stretching on the pilaties reformer or the yoga swing.
  • Group Rebounding Class: $15.00 (Seal Beach Location.)

  • Body Wraps $25.00(30 minutes): Our Infrared Body Wrap will contour and slenderize your body by ridding the body of excess fluids and toxins. It will cause your skin to soften and tighten plus boost your metabolism and drain the lymphatic system.

  • Digestive Therapy $300 and up - In order to repair pour digestion from a cellar level, our enzyme specialist looks at your live blood and then creates a custom regiment of probiotics, enzymes, & herbs offered by Natural Choice Products.To register under us use the Lapaz Spa Account #16673, call 1-800-626-5143.

The La Paz Spa Detox Center is here to aid in your 'right to self treat'.

We do not intend to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease.

Do you want Optimal Digestion?

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We are now offering:

Total Body Cleanse Programs

At the La Paz Spa Total Body Detox Center we take a stand to support your vision that greater health is 100% attainable.

Receive one on one guidance on how to eat and treat the body during a variety of specific organ focused detox plans. Plans utilize spa treatments, detox supplements, food coaching, prepared detox foods and living juices provided by Earthly Juices.

Current Available Cleanses:

2-day Weekend Warrior Cleanse

4-day Juice Cleanse

6-day Liver - Gall Bladder Flush

8-day Vit-ra-tox Cleanse

10-day Colon/Liver/Gallbladder

6-week Enzyme Cleanse

10-week Enzyme Cleanse

For more specific information on internal cleanses call Detox Counselor Ellie Lara


At the La Paz Spa Total Body Detox Center we take a stand to support your vision that greater health is 100% attainable.

At La Paz we invite you to Break the lifestyle patterns that cause you to be full of:

Stuff Harming your Intestinal Track.



  • Special Colonic Cleansing Packages:

    3 sessions – $195
    4 sessions – $260
    6 sessions – $390
    9 sessions – $540
    12 sessions -$660
    15 sessions -$750

    A Colonic Session lasts from 45 to 60 minutes.

    We suggest that you do not eat Food for 2 hours before a session.

    We have a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy.

    To book a session at the Laguna Hills or Seal Beach Centers call (949) 455-1733 and ask for Debbie Drew.


Seal Beach
1190 Pacific Coast Highway #8
Seal Beach, CA 90740
(562) 596-7667

aqua chi ionic foot bath:$30

Laguna Hills
25260 La Paz Road, Suite #1
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 228-1654


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